Game Play

Sooperpop is a geo location based AR game. Here the whole Earth is a play ground for the players who are playing this game on their mobile devices(Smart phones, VR, AR etc.).  The sensors of the mobile device helps the player to navigate in sooperpop world. Here sooperpop succeeds in creating an illusion that the player is literally moving in the game where the whole world is the play ground.


Click on the rotating Globe object  in the main menu to enter sooperpop game play scene


Game play screen

  • The game play scene contains one FPS player that moves its position in the game play according to longitude and latitude data provided by the GPS sensor of the device.
  • This camera rotates in the game play according to the device’s gyroscope sensor data.
  • There is a 3d compass needle in the top right corner of the game screen that always point in the direction of the game camera view relative to true north of earth.
  • The big round sooperpop logo button in the bottom right corner of the game screen will allow players to navigate to the main menu scene.
  • Recording button located next to the sooperpop logo helps users to record sooperpop game play and once the recording is done players can watch and upload the video on popplex, and also delete the video.
  • Phones without gyroscope displays a joystick control in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Here the game camera cannot rotate in the game play with the rotational movement of the device due to absence of gyroscope sensor. This devices are provided with virtual joystick control that is activated when sooperpop detects that the device does not have a gyroscope. This virtual joystick control rotates the game camera for such devices.



Time to play

  • Click on the rotating Globe object in the main menu to enter sooperpop game play scene
  • The device’s GPS should be on as sooperpop will take the device’s GPS location and fetch available pops(game objects) that are supposed to be in 20 Square meters, relative to the GPS coordinates as the centre point from the Data server, for this it requires Internet connection, Hence sooperpop cannot be played without internet connection. If the device’s internet connection is turned off then sooperpop will ask the player to turn it on. In short it will show players, the pops that are located only in 20 mts radius around the player. So if the players keep moving on earth in any new direction while playing sooperpop they will get different pops (3d objects) in different location every 30 seconds or moving position by 20 mts whichever happens first.
  • Pops are 3d spheres (3d objects) that spawn in the game play screen. If a pop is located far away from the player then it is small in size, as the player moves towards the pop its size increases, when the player is very close to a pop it is very big in size where it also can cover the device’s screen (think about it as you are moving with a camera in real world and the objects get bigger and gets out of the view port), when the player passes through the pop the pop disappears from the screen because it is now left behind the player the player has to turn around to see that same pop. Players can move around the pops in soorperpop and all other 3d objects. When players touch the pops they explode along with a colourful explosion and
  • Players receive soopercoins on popping a pop, all the pops contain some amount of coins (10% pops contain 5 coins, 20% pops contain 2 coins and 70% pops contain 1 coin in every game). These pops belong to games created by local businesses to promote their brands and products. The players have to collect certain amount of coins to win a prize mentioned in a game. If they are too late to claim a prize then the collected coins for a particular game are added to their wallets when that game is over(that is when all the prizes in that game are claimed by the winners).
  • When the player pops a pop, a card is displayed with details such as,
  • Game image – Game banner
  • Sponsor image – Image of the product or logo that a creator wants to promote.
  • Game title – Name of the game
  • Start date – date when the game went live
  • Number of coins received – number of coins received for that particular game.
  • Collect button – Players have to click on this button to close the card pop up.

The collected coins can be seen by the player in game detail view . Go to main menu–>click on games –>click on my games–> click on the game card you want to see in detail.