A new game creator will not have an active collection point, to activate it the game creator will have to go to the ‘My collection points’ page from the overflow menu located in the top right corner of the web page. This is a profile bar and is only displayed when the game creator is logged in to SooperpoP via a registered account.

Click on profile icon > Click on Collection points > Add collection point.

A page is displayed with details such as,
• Activate yours
• Search field with search icon

Activate yours
This button will allow a game creator to activate their own collection point. Once activated the game creator can allocate this collection point to a game to distribute prizes for the games the game creator has created.

Click on Activate yours > A form is displayed which is required to be filled in to activate the collection point. Details required are as follows,
a) Collection points name – The name of the collection point goes here, it will be the business name.
b) Collection point id – This will be prefilled with game creator’s registered SooperpoP id as he/she would himself/herself would be the contact person for that collection point. This id is required to trace all details regarding the collection point. The ID along with game creator’s password is required during prize and product claims.
c) Business type – This is the type of business the collection point deals in. SooperpoP has some predefined business categories and the game creator has to select from the categories mentioned in the dropdown. Be specific about it this will help players find the game creator’s business if they are nearby and looking for something related to game creator’s business. It also helps other game creators to find a collection point to allocate prize on behalf of their games.
d) Email address – This will be prefilled with the same email id you submitted for your game creator account registration. It cannot be changed it will be the same as your game creator account email. All communication regarding collection point will be sent to this email id. Every time another game creator adds game creator’s collection point to distribute prizes on their behalf you will receive an email with a link to the game details and then to approve or disapprove is up to you.
e) Contact person mobile number – This should contain an active mobile number of the contact person at the collection point. It will validated with an OTP. As of now it cannot be changed once submitted.
f) Alternate mobile number – It is an optional field and would not be validated with OTP. One can specify alternate number to put an extra contact information if the primary number is not reachable.
g) Contact person Name – This will be prefilled with the same name as game creator’s account name.
h) Collection point Image – Please select an image of game creator’s collection point i.e.: game creator’s business premises or a picture that easily allows game creators to identify game creator’s business location.
i) City – Type in city name of the business’s base location and click on search. The map will display the searched city on map, now click on the map where game creator’s collection point is exactly located. This will help players to find game creator’s place from the SooperpoP app more easily. The map’s service is provided by google maps.
j) Address line 1 – The business’s building name or house number, street name, etc should go here. Proper address makes easier for the player to locate the business by just reading it.
k) Other Address Details – This will be prefilled according to the location selected on map.
l) Pin code – This will be prefilled according to the location point selected on the map and can be edited. Just click on it and select the new pin code (area) from the ones available in the dropdown.
m) Business timing – This helps players to learn a suitable time for coming to the business. The two timings indicate the opening time and the closing time. This will be displayed as the game creator’s Business opening and closing time
n) Working days – Tick the days when the collection point is open for business. Do not tick the day when the business is closed. This will be displayed to the players on SooperpoP portal.
o) Add button – Click on this button to submit game creator’s request. game creator’s collection point will be activated once you submit this form.

Search field with search icon
SooperpoP allows game creators to add other collection points. Apart from their own collection point a creator can also have another business’s collection point to distribute prizes for his own games. The game creators will have to add this collection point to their account before allocating it to a game as a collection point.
• Type in the game creator id of the collection point you want to add and click on the search icon. System will check if the collection point with such an id exists and is active or not. The search is a single result search. One has to type in the exact sooperpop_id to get desired result. Once done the system will display all the details of the collection point such as,
a) Collection point id
b) Collection point Name
c) Contact person name
d) Mobile number
e) Alternate number
f) Email Id
g) Address

Add button
Check the details mentioned in the box and make sure the collection point is the one you intend to add, as an approval email would be sent to the contact person of that collection point to decide whether or not let you add his collection point to your list. The email is an authentication email where the collection point owner will be asked for an approval for letting his collection point to be added as your collection point. You can check the this status on the Collection point page.