Vault plays very important role in SooperpoP portal. Vault allows users to create promotional campaigns. If a user wants to create a game to promote business or a product, then they require an active vault. 
At first the vault is inactive and contains 0 soopercoins. Soopercoins are required to create games. Hence the portal does not allow any user to create a game as the vault is inactive and does not have any soopercoins in it. On activating their vault users receive 1,000,000 soopercoins as an activation bonus. These soopercoins can then be used to create promotional games. A new user will not have an active vault, to activate it.
• The user will have to go to the vault icon located in the right corner of the profile bar(that contains vault, wallet, profile icons and log out icon) which is placed above the menu bar at the top of the web page. This profile bar is only displayed when the user is logged in SooperpoP via registered account.
• Vault page opens displaying details such as,
1. Soopercoins – This is the total number of soopercoins available in vault. These soopercoins can be used to create games. At first this will have a 0 value as the vault is not activated yet, once activated it will display the total number of soopercoins the player has received as activation bonus. (Activation bonus of 1000000 soopercoins is received by all users on activating their vault for the first time only if a user deactivates the vault, the soopercoins are taken back by the system and on activating vault again user will not receive it back. Please make sure that if you are going to make use of these soopercoins then don’t deactivate your vault.)
2. Activate button – This is the green button located below the total soopercoins count. It is only visible as activate when the vault is not active.
3. Security deposit – There are three different values of security deposit mentioned here, 1) Security deposit total( this is the amount that is refundable when the vault is deactivated), 2) Security deposit in use (this is the amount of deposit that is locked because of a game is created and prizes are allocated worth this amount of money) and 3) Security deposit available (this is the amount of deposit that is available and can be used to allocate prizes in your next games you will be creating. If this is zero creators will not be able to allocate any prizes , hence wont be able to create games.)
4. Vault activity log – system will start logging vault activity when the vault is activated.