Click on deactivate button > Deactivation request page > Give your reason > Click on submit
• By clicking on this button users can deactivate their vault.
• Users have to wait until all the games they created are over and all the prizes won in those games are claimed by the winners.
• When the users click on deactivate, a request is submitted to SooperpoP to deactivate the vault, once this request is raised users cannot create games.
• Once all the created games by that user are over and all prize claims settled by that user the system deactivates the vault and refunds the security deposit back into the users account within 10 working days.
• If the vault contains any remaining amount of soopercoins that were given as activation bonus the system will remove it from the soopercoins economy. If the user have bought a coin pack, those remaining coin amount will be transferred to his/her wallet (only the ones bought are transferred, the free ones are removed from the system nobody gets that amount of soopercoins)