What is SoopersimS?

It is a 3D Simulation that is played around the viewer in virtually generated AR/VR environment  respective to the viewers GPS location. Here viewers can move around the scene if required  and view it from any angle they want. It gives the feeling of being a part of the scene.  SoopersimS can be created and uploaded by anyone and everyone.

Why create a Soopersim?

Since the start of the 21st century Digital Media has been on its peak,  with new ways and technological advancements we have found innovative ways to entertain the viewers. Our journey from radio to TV and computer to Mobile devices has been very progressive. At first it was just the sound that amused us, then came the TV with moving images  and sound, the computer and smartphones changed the way we communicate  and entertain ourselves. Till now we have been amused by 2D content such as images, gifs, videos etc.. But what about the devices of the future?  AR/VR Devices that are placed right above the viewers eyes and projects (displays ) 3D content around the viewer. Today The smart phones and AR/VR devices are laced with sensors that allows the applications to perform such complex tasks beautifully. This is the new era of entertainment. SoopersimS breaks the barrier of 2D and allows the viewers to conceptualize the scene easily as it makes them feel that they are part of it.