Anyone and everyone can create and upload a Soopersim. It is similar to using 2D content sharing platforms to reach the masses but here everything is played around the viewer in 3D. You just have to be creative.

  • Real estate, structural engineering etc. industry can project a building or a bridge before it is constructed respective to a geo location and its orientation .
  • Entertainment industry can project trailers and content around the users for promotions.
  • An engineering company can project their life size models in real time for better understanding. The technical trainings can be conducted easily.
  • Educational institutes can reach users via educational content that is played around the users in real time.
  • You can have AR/VR emoji’s and greetings
  • Send message to the community using AR/VR content (Save Whale)
  • Auto industry can use it to project the car models in 3D right in front of the users.
  • Promotions in AR/VR