Since the invention of smartphones, we have been looking at the gap of a global platform that allows users to upload, watch and share 3D animated content. Now imagine experiencing this 3 Dimensional animated scene playing around you inside your very own smartphone. We call them SoopersimS.

SooperpoP mobile application projects these SoopersimS in a virtually augmented 3D environment where there is a sun, precise to the device holder’s GPS location, to cast real-time shadows. The application also gives an option to the Soopersim uploader of playing the content only at a specific GPS location to get that feeling of ‘what if I paint this place red’.

A soopersim may consist of one or more 3D objects. Unity does have basic shapes of 3D objects like Cube, Sphere, Capsule, Cylinder, Plane and Quad, but for creating complex shapes and figures like a house or a human figure, you would need 3D editors like Blender, 3D max, Maya, etc. 3D objects made with different platforms can be brought to unity and animated. To learn more about the formats supported by Unity 3D engine go to this link, Unity Manual: 3D formats

For beginners, it is advisable to search for ready made game objects at the Asset Store or other 3D objects retail websites. Unity asset store is a den for great assets and pluggins for the unity tool. You can download the 3D objects directly from the Asset Store inside the unity editor tool and from the download manager inside the unity editor’s Asset Store, import the 3D objects directly to your project.

Now creation of a 3D object is one part and animating it, is other. Get things moving now! All you need to start animating in Unity is explained @ Unity Manual: Animation

Also particle systems are a great way to give a visual treat. You can learn everything about particle systems from this playlist of the Unity’s official youtube channel, Visual Effects With Particle Systems

Now create a soopersim using whatever you learned from above and get ready to show it to the world, on our platform.

Some of the key applications of ‘SooperpoP’ include:
• Malls, Supermarkets, shops, etc. can create augmented scene that make viewers feel like they are part of the scene at their very own business location.

• Real estate, structural engineering etc. industries can project a building or a bridge before it is constructed, respectively to a geolocation and its orientation.

• The entertainment industry can project trailers and content around the users for promotions.

• An aeronautical engineering company can project their planes in real time for better understanding. The technical training can be conducted easily.

• Educational institutes can reach users via educational content that is played around the users in real time.

• You can have AR/VR emoji and greetings.

• Send a message to the community using AR/VR content.

• Automobile industry can use it to project the car models in 3D right in front of the users.

Apart from browsing and sharing AR/VR content SooperpoP also allows,
• Businesses to create predefined campaigns in the form of AR games to reach targeted users.
• Businesses to add their geolocation AR markers.
• Businesses to connect with their consumers.

Now the best part is that you can use it for free!
How can you make the best out of SooperpoP?
• create 3D animated scenes with magical VFX, festive themes, action, movie trailers, special effects, etc. for entertainment.