Let’s test, publish and share our Soopersim
Once you are done uploading the soopersim to the website
Go to SooperpoP app on your mobile device
Sign in with the same I D that is used to upload the sim, and follow this steps to test and publish it:

Click on the sooperpop icon in the right bottom corner of the screen
Click on menu icon
Then go to my sims
Click on uploaded SoopersimS
Click on the card of soopersim uploaded by you which is unlisted at this moment
Click on view
The soopersim is downloaded and played
The football in the north is bouncing after colliding with the ground
The sphere in the east is bouncing according to the animation
And the tennis ball particles are colliding on the ground according to the particle system settings.
Once you are happy with it, click on publish and it becomes available for the whole world to experience.