Released – SoopersimS Rig V2.0…/utilit…/soopersims-rig-107889

This is a SooperpoP’s official asset for utilities like testing and building SoopersimS for SooperpoP Mixed Reality portal.

Soopersims are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality media content that will be played around the viewers in AR and VR on the SooperpoP mobile app as well as website. SoopersimS Rig is a set of utilities that will ease the process of showing your still and animated 3D content in AR and VR around the viewer without any programming or scripts.

Top Features:

– Test the soopersim by viewing it from all angles by walking in scene using ‘up-down-left-right’ or ‘W-A-S-D’ keys.

– Play/Pause the soopersim. Check to confirm your creation stays in sync after playing a paused scene.

– Just create a prefab of your soopersim and build it for all platforms with just one button click

– Feel the ease of creating new soopersims or editing your unlisted soopersims from unity editor itself.

– Keyboard shortcuts for all menu actions in the rig.

– Want to create soopersim from the website? We have you covered. Just click on ‘Upload soopersim from SooperpoP website’ menu and you will be taken directly to Add soopersim page on the SooperpoP’s website

– This asset includes a scene which is rigged to replicate SooperpoP’s environment to the maximum. It contains a camera, floor plane directional light, event system and SoopersimPlayUI canvas to replicate the SooperpoP app’s environment to test the soopersim before uploading your creation to SooperpoP

To understand the use of the SoopersimS Rig with an example, please go through video available in the meta information.

For details on the use of the SoopersimS Rig, please go through the ‘SoopersimS Rig usage guide v2.0.pdf’ available in the asset package.

For more info on Soopersims and SooperpoP kindly check Help Guides @ SooperpoP website